Coronavirus global tally over 3.4 million, Italy and the UK report most fatalities

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As per the John Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker at 2.43 AM EDT, a total of 3,428,425 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus so far. The death toll is at 243,832.

Of the 243,832 deaths reported, Italy reported 28710, the UK 28131, Spain 25,100, and France recorded 24,729. With the rest of the European countries combined, Europe accounts for more than half the fatalities in this coronavirus pandemic.

How is the US doing?

The US recorded 1,092,815 cases of COVID-19 and reported 64,283 deaths so far. The US, while suffering the worst of the outbreak in terms of total infections, is certainly fighting back. The mortality rate is far less compared to the European nations, which are considered to have robust healthcare systems.

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