Megastar Chiranjeevi sings and shakes a shoulder with his granddaughter

Chiranjeevi and granddaughter Navishka
Chiranjeevi and granddaughter Navishka © Chiranjeevi Twitter

Even the mighty entertainer, Chiranjeevi the Megastar, could not take his granddaughter’s eyes off the TV, that too, with himself being on the TV.

As little Navishka wanted the same song again, Chiru lamented at first, ‘How many times will you watch the same song again and again.’

Navishka would not have any of it. She had to see the song and Chiru had no choice but to oblige.

And as his song from ‘Khaidi 150’ played on the TV, little Navishka, daughter of Srija and Kalyan Dev, preferred to hum along and made a few moves herself, which the Megastar found so immensely joyful, that he danced together as well as he could. Watch the Video.

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