‘Where is the shortage ? US is the King of Ventilators’ President Trump hits back at critics

President Trump at the coronavirus briefing
President Trump at the coronavirus briefing © The White House

President Trump hit back at criticism that his government did not do enough to prepare the healthcare system to fight the coronavirus.

After sending out a bold tweet stating that the US is now the King of Ventilators, President Trump seemed even more determined at his next press conference to address the criticism aimed at the US federal government.

More tests than many countries put together

Announcing that the US had now done 4.18 million COVID-19 tests, President Trump added that it was more than what multiple nations – France, the UK, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Austria Australia, India, Canada, Sweden had done together.

President lists the measures taken to strengthen the healthcare system against COVID-19

President Trump at the coronavirus briefing © The White House

Displaying a new rapid testing kit that allows samples to be taken by a swab, President Trump said that tens of millions of such testing kits would soon be available. Mr. Trump pointed out that these new forms of testing were being developed during this pandemic, under pressure.

While reminding that he invoked the Defense Production Act, President also praised the US companies for their contribution. Ventilators were produced in automobile companies, and N 95 masks were now being made in Rhode Island, he said.

Massive production at a quick pace

President Trump said that 500 million masks, some of which can be sterilized 20 times, will be soon be added to the healthcare system. Highlighting the pace of the production, President said that only 25 million N 95 masks are made in a typical year and now masks many times more are being produced within just weeks.

The President expressed optimism about new therapies and research being currently experimented in the US.

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  1. I am a commoner from NY. I don’t watch news or tv but I started watching tv recently because of the Covid situation . As I become Mr.Cuomos big fan, also I noticed CNN is the worst channel all I hear is how bad president is. For instance if
    somebody in Atlanta wants to go for a walk and they will blame it to president saying
    It was his fault that he did not take some action —- I don’t understand what action CNN thinks he should take.

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