President Trump halts funding for the World Health Organization

WHO has faced criticism over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak ©WHO

President Donald Trump halted the United States funding to the World Health Organization over its handling of the coronavirus. The President had been furious over the UN body’s response during the outbreak of COVID-19.

As an international coordination agency for health-related issues, the World Health Organisation is being held responsible for verifying the nature and extent of the infectious disease that was resulting in multiple fatalities. It had faced accusations over severe shortcomings.

US – The Highest Contributor in Funds

Mr.Trump had said that the United States contributes around 400 to 500 million US Dollars in funding, whereas China gives roughly about 40 million USD per year. In the last two years, the US had given nearly 900 million dollars to the World Health Organisation.

Despite the UN body’s advice against placing travel restrictions from China, the US President placed travel restrictions,making it a significant talking point for the Republicans.

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