Rains lash Andhra Pradesh, weather experts forecast more wet weather

Wet weather seen in Visakhapatnam after the rain
Visakhapatnam on April 25th

Sudden rains lashed many parts of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday, with the winds and the breeze giving the people a relief from the scorching weather. The wet weather may continue, says weather forecast.

Wet weather could continue, more rains possible, says Weather Forecast

Thick presence of water vapour over Andhra Pradesh is shown by Accuweather website
Thick presence of water vapour seen over Andhra Pradesh on April 26th © Accuweather

American based global weather forecaster ‘Accuweather’ reported that more rains are possible across most of Andhra Pradesh based on the current data available.

The winds did, however, raise concern for the farmers. Any damage to any crop or agricultural produce is yet to be assessed. Meanwhile, the health officials are said to have taken note of the latest wet weather to assess any possible impact on the fight against coronavirus.

As is the case with any forecast, it is only a forecast. Accuweather is a leading weather forecasting company based in the US.

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