India coronavirus cases at 35,043

Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal
Joint Secretary at Ministry of Health Lav Agarwal © DD News

With the 1,993 cases of the novel coronavirus confirmed over the last 24 hours, India’s total coronavirus cases have gone up to 35,043. Joint Secretary at the Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal, provided the latest update and placed the number of active cases at 25,007.

There have been 1147 deaths reported so far.

Recovery rate at 25.37 percent

With 564 people cured in the last 24 hours, a total of 8888 people have recovered from the coronavirus, putting the recovery rate at 25.37 percent.

Must break the chain of transmission

Elaborating on the government’s strategy, Mr. Agarwal emphasised on implementation of stringent measures in both the Red and Orange zones to break the ‘chain of transmission.’

Mapping the contacts of those infected and setting up well-defined perimeters is being advised. Similar to the urban areas, containment zones could be set up in villages.

Masks are a symbol of responsibility

Those who wear face masks do not indicate sickness but show responsibility, stressed the Joint Secretary.

The health ministry’s precautionary directives on the coronavirus are to be followed even outside the ‘containment zones,’ and physical distancing must be followed in any ‘direct or confined contact.’

The Join Secretary advised staggered timing to avoid congestion. The usual precautions such as washing hands with soap and sanitiser, cleaning the tabletops, and mouse pads must be followed, he advised.

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