Centre releases video in Telugu to raise awareness on coronavirus

Animated characters in coronavirus awareness video
Characters in coronavirus awareness animated video

As May 3 nears, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released an animated video in major Indian languages to raise awareness on the coronavirus. The characters in the video discuss the precautions, symptoms, treatment, etc., while a helpline number is displayed at the top throughout the video. The video is shared on YouTube and other platforms on April 29. Provided below is the video in Telugu.

On March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had held a picture with Hindi letters and asked people ‘Koyi Road par Naa Nikle’ – Nobody should be on the road, to drive the point home.

PM Narendra Modi holds a picture to explain the lockdown
PM Modi holds up a picture to drive the point home © DD News

But regional governments in several states hadn’t exactly followed up on Prime Minister Modi’s cue in raising the awareness across all the sections of the society via audiovisual engagement.

Meanwhile, as India’s lockdown nears its scheduled end on May 3, the central government is likely to take a call soon on the future course of action based on the coronavirus statistics across the nation.

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