Coronavirus: Telangana extends lockdown until May 7th, CM stresses on strict implementation

CM KCR holds a press conference
Telangana CM KCR holds a press conference on April 19th © TS CMO

Telangana health ministry reported 858 cases of coronavirus as of Sunday, April 19th. While 186 patients have recovered, 21 have succumbed to the virus. At a press conference in Hyderabad, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao announced the extension of lockdown, without any relaxation that could have been allowed under the Central Government directives.

The CM started the press conference by updating the numbers from the latest health bulletin. Four districts have zero cases so far, Siddipet, Yadadri Bhuavanagiri, Wanaparthy, and Warangal Rural, said the CM.

Eighteen people have died from the virus so far. As per the official numbers, 186 people have recovered, and active cases are currently at 651.

Mr. K Chandrashekar Rao said that while the death rate is 3.22 percent nationwide, it is 2.44 percent in Telangana. While only 224 people out of a million are being tested in rest of the India for COVID-19, 375 out of a million (10 lakhs) are being tested in Telangana.

Although there was an initial shortage, protective equipment is being imported now at a rapid pace.

Listing government measures, this is what the Chief Minister had said.

On medical services –

“Medicines that are being used in the treatment of coronavirus are adequate in supply. But there is no specific medicine for coronavirus as of yet.”

“Pregnant women, due for delivery will be provided ‘Amma Vodi’ vehicles, and other patients in the requirement of regular treatment such as dialysis or chemotherapy will also be allowed flexibility.”

“A hospital has been readied in the Gachibowli sports complex.”

On Delivery Services and Essentials –

“Swiggy and Zomato cannot deliver any food for the rest of the lockdown period, but grocery delivery services such as big basket will be allowed leeway.”

“Milk and vegetables will continue to be sold as before. Sanitizers, and Pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to function.”

On House Rents and Tuition Fees –

“House Owners are not allowed to collect rent from tenants for the lockdown period and should collect the rents later, but interest must not be charged on the outstanding amount.”

“The tuition fee must not be raised now but can be collected every month; however, they must not collect any additional charges. Such charges may be taken of care later.”

On Salaries –

“Police will be given a 10 percent bonus; other essential staff will be compensated as well.”

On Agriculture –

“Farm Produce will be purchased, Ministers and officials are on the job.”

Minister Harish Rao formally starts the government purchasing center for the farm produce

Finance Minister Harish Rao formally started the government purchasing centre for the farm produce in Siddipet, a few days ago.

“Foodgrains and other ration goods will continue to be supplied, along with depositing Rs 1500 per month.”

“Rice mills and Oil mills will have to function. So they will be allowed to function.”

On Government’s functioning –

“There were initial shortcomings, but all the public representatives at all levels are now active in overseeing the situation.”

On Flight Travel –

“Flight travel, don’t come until May 7th. There won’t be any cabs either.

Central Government must attend to the financial needs of the states – CM

Lamenting the loss of the state’s income, the Chief Minister listed a series of measures that could be taken by the central government to allow some relief to the state government.

The responsibility lies with the Centre and the Reserve bank of India to address the financial distress of the states, stressed the Chief Minister.

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