3.5 million cases of coronavirus recorded worldwide

a tram on the street in Bordeaux France
Bordeaux, France © Picxy.com/Leonid_Andronov

As of 10.22 AM EDT, the John Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker reports a global tally of 3,529,408 coronavirus cases and 248,025 deaths.

Meanwhile, the government data in the US places the nation’s cases currently at 1,122,486 while reporting 65,735 deaths.

Europe suffers most fatalities

Across the Atlantic, the UK recorded a total of 186,599 cases and 28,446 deaths, as per the NHS – National Health Service.

Italy (210,717), Spain (217,466), France (166,925) and Germany (165,745) have reported the highest cases in Europe but Germany reported far less deaths. The numbers are based on the JHU tracker.

While Italy lost 28,884 people, Spain 25,264, France 24,900, Germany lost 6,866 people to the coronavirus.

Russia on the edge

Russia had been reporting a spike in cases and the current coronavirus tally in the nation is at 145,268 cases and 1356 deaths, as per the John Hopkins University.


‘African News’ reports the latest number of coronavirus cases in the continent to be 42,769. There have been 1,759 deaths reported so far.

South Africa (6,336) reported the most cases followed by Egypt (6,193), Morocco (4,729) Algeria (4,295) South Africa (6,336).

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