Coronavirus: 2,138,763 CASES, 142,148 deaths worldwide

By the early hours of April 17th (IST), 2,138,763 confirmed cases and 142,148 deaths are reported globally.

Europe continues to struggle

Spain had already passed Italy in the number of COVID-19 cases but hasn’t reported as many deaths as Italy. The number of people tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Spain as of 4 AM 17th April (IST) stood at 182,816 while the positive cases in Italy are currently at 162,941. While 22,170 deaths were reported in Italy, 19,130 deaths were reported in Spain as of now.

France reported 147,088 cases and 17,941 deaths.

Germany reported 136,569 cases, it has recorded 3,943 deaths.


Meanwhile, the UK is reporting 104,145 COVID-19 cases and 13,759 deaths. London continues to report the highest number of cases in the UK.


US cases are at 632,548 while deaths reported are 31,071. While all 50 states in the US have reported cases, and also instances of community transmission, several States continue the ‘stay at home’ or ‘shelter at place’ orders for people, while advising social distancing and other precautions if the people need to venture out. While the numbers put out by some international agencies are higher, the Deccan Mirror is going by the data made available by the US authorities.

China – Has it pushed back the virus

83,403 cases and 3,346 deaths are being reported from China. Scepticism is mounting over the Chinese data as days go by.

Australia and NZ

Latest health bulletins are awaited from these two countries.

New Zealand reported the number of confirmed cases to be 1,084 while listing 317 cases as ‘probable.’ Nine deaths are reported.

Australia reported 6,468 positive cases of COVID-19 and 63 deaths. New South Wales registered the highest number of cases.

Latest health bulletins are awaited from these two countries.


Amongst African countries – South Africa, Algeria, and Morocco are now reporting the highest number of cases at over 2,000 each. South Africa has the highest number of the cases at over 2,600. Egypt, a transcontinental country, has a slightly higher number of cases than South Africa.

While South Africa had over twice as many cases of positive coronavirus cases as Algeria, Algeria reported the highest number of deaths at 348.

South East Asia

After India, Indonesia reported the highest number of cases so far, at around 6,000, with over 500 deaths. Thailand reported over 2,672 cases and Bangladesh reported 1,572 cases and 60 deaths.

Due to the disparity between World Health Organization’s regional COVID-19 dashboards and its Global dashboard, amd the slow udpates, Deccan Mirror is now reporting from other sources even while keeping an eye on the WHO dashboard.

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