Telangana reports 1,567 new cases, highlights 77 percent recovery rate

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Telangana recorded 1,567 new cases of the coronavirus on 23rd July, taking the state’s total to 50,826. GHMC (662)and Ranga Reddy (213), both essentially Hyderabad or nearby areas, reported the highest cases.

Also, reporting the 1,661 recoveries during the same time period, the Health Ministry highlighted the 77.3 percent recovery rate and ‘Less than 1 percent mortality rate’ in the official bulletin.

As has been the case with health minister Eatala Rajender’s Twitter account lately, the netizens pointed out the fewer number of tests done when compared to the neighboring Andhra Pradesh.

The Telangana Health Ministry also placed the active number of cases at 11,052 (21.7 percent) and gave out the details of adequate infrastructure in the state’s designated hospitals.

The state has lost 447 people to the virus so far.

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