US announces more assistance to Ukraine; bans Russian-affiliated Ships

The United States has announced $800 million worth of fresh security assistance to Ukraine, along with another $500 million towards economic assistance. The US has already contributed over $3 billion to help Ukraine repel a Russian invasion.

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Speaking to the media on April 21, US President Joe Biden said that the economic assistance will enable Ukraine’s workers to provide the citizens with essential services. 

What else did the President say?

Russian Forces have retreated from Kyiv, leaving behind ‘horrifying evidence,’ the US President said. 

Commending the journalists who are reporting from the war zone, the US President said that Russia has launched a new, refocused campaign to seize new territory in eastern Ukraine and that this is a ‘critical window of time.’

The President said that the new security assistance includes heavy artillery weapons, including dozens of Howitzers and 144,000 rounds of ammunition for those Howitzers, and more tactical drones specially meant to counter the Russian troops in a flat region like Donbas.

Mr. Biden highlighted the assistance by pointing out that the US alone has provided 10 anti-armor systems for every Russian Tank in Ukraine. 

The United States is also sharing timely intelligence with Ukraine, he said.

Mr. Biden hailed the Ukrainians for the victory in the Battle of Kyiv. Calling it the victory for freedom, the US President said that it was won by the Ukrainians with unprecedented assistance by the US and its allies. 

Bans Russian Ships

President Biden said that the US has now joined some of their European counterparts in banning every Ship that sails with a Russian Flag or is owned by Russian interests from docking in the United States. 

This will deny Russia the benefits of the international economic system, Mr. Biden said.