International Yoga Day – PM Modi leads the celebrations from Mysuru

The 8th International Yoga Day, with the theme ‘Yoga for Humanity,’ is being celebrated across the world by Yoga enthusiasts on June 21.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had played a key role in setting up the International Yoga Day at the United Nations in 2014, led the proceedings from Mysuru Palace in Karnataka.

Explaining the choice of the venue, the Prime Minister called Mysuru the cultural capital of Karnataka and a place of spirituality.

Addressing the nation and the world, PM Modi said this of Yoga –

“The universe starts from within, and Yoga makes us conscious of everything within us – developing a sense of awareness. This self-awareness leads to awareness of the world. When we become aware, we will notice the things that need to be changed, both within ourselves and outside.

Yoga, now a global festival, is not individual-specific and serves the entire humanity. That is why this year’s International Yoga Day theme is – Yoga for humanity.

I heartily thank the United Nations and all the countries for taking this message of Yoga to the entire humanity through this theme. I also congratulate all the people of the world on behalf of every Indian.

As youngsters in the country are pitching new ideas in the field of Yoga, the Ministry of AYUSH has also launched the ‘Start-up Yoga Challenge.’

There is also an Innovative Digital Exhibition at the Dussehra Ground in Mysuru to explore Yoga’s journey and all the possibilities related to Yoga.