Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge laments the lack of a capital city

Andhra Pradesh High Court Judge Battu Devanand delivered a speech at the World Writers Conference in Vijayawada on September 18, 2022.

Justice-Battu-Devanand of AP High Court
Justice-Battu-Devanand of AP High Court

Not holding back in pointing out the shortcomings of modern society, the Judge encouraged the writers to provide solutions with their literary work.

What is your capital city?

Justice Battu Devanand said that his daughter often gets questioned by her classmates in Delhi about what her state’s capital city is. This playful teasing, he said, reflects the Telugu people’s sad state of affairs.

“Even the younger generation is put to shame, and we (Telugus) face humiliation everywhere. There is no unity, casteism appears rampant, every issue is politicized, and selfishness is ubiquitous,” remarked the unhesitant Judge.

Writers can cure these social maladies with their literary work, he said.

Justice Devanand hoped that the writers would use their skill not to empower any wicked leader but instead to serve the public good, aiding the development of the country and the Telugu people.