Our Editorial Team

Team Deccan Mirror is a group of individuals who strive to produce quality work. We are relatively a small team, but we try to punch above our weight.

We will grow as an establishment no matter what hurdles, and we will serve our audience with the best possible content.

Chief Editor: Paritosh Vasireddy, ex-BBC Journalist and Primetime Newscaster for major news channels such as NTV and TV5. Paritosh has reported from the United Nations.

He reports and writes, clears all the articles after vetting them as thoroughly as possible, so the finally produced content is up to the standards we set for ourselves. He takes responsibility for the content on the website.

Deputy Editor: Saritha Bhupathi is alert, talented, and responsible. She takes care of collecting the news from the Telugu states through our sources, filters them, brings them to our editorial table.

U.S Reporter and Writer: Nicole Bramstedt, a sports enthusiast who is equally good at contributing political news, is responsible for about half of our international stories.

China contributor: Amjed, formerly of India, is a traveler who contributes fine visuals.

Belgium and the rest of the Europe contributor: G Kiran, an eternal traveler and delightful contributor of world news and visuals.

Movie News Coordinator and Writer: M. Bhushan, a seasoned cinema news coordinator who keeps us ahead in the film updates.

Cameramen: Nagarjuna and Harsha. An exceptional duo who gets the desired video feed or still images for our audience.

Video Editor and Systems Administrator: Praveen, a tech enthusiast who loves news.

Image Partners: Picxy (picxy.com) is our Image Partner, and they provide exceptional pictures for us.

We also have other partners who supply us with key visuals from Bollywood.